Lifting Equipments

Cranes are very important means for industrial production and they are being used for lifting all kind of goods. Chain hoists, overhead cranes, mobile cranes and process cranes are considered as types of lifting equipments. In addition, STS, RTG and RMG cranes are used in Ports and Harbors. We, as Protek Teknik LTD, can supply the following products for your Crane applications.

Spohn & Burkhardt (Germany)

All kind of joysticks including analog, digital and BUS communication types, operator control stations and consoles, resistors, foot pedals and portable control stations.

TER (Italy)

Rotary limit switches, position (cross) limit switches, pendant control stations, slip rings and other electronic components.

BAUMER (Germany)

Motion control equipments like encoders, tachogenerators, resolvers, counters and over speed switches for emergency brake applications.

WERMA (Germany)

All kind of light alarming devices, horns, sirens and combinations.