Railway Applications

Our company have some products for Railway applications as well. Railways or developed public transportations are vivid proof of civilization and today’s Turkey, and this sector is growing very fast. We have very good and long lasting business partnerships with municipal maintenance companies and local manufacturers. You can check our products for railway applications below. Also, we can provide certificates such as EN-50155, EN-45545 etc.

Spohn & Burkhardt (Germany)

Master controllers according to your configurations, operator consoles, foot pedals.

ABB (Switzerland)

Power electronic components in all rates such as IGBT, GTO, Thyristor, Diode etc.

Baumer (Germany)

Motion control equipments such as encoders, tachogenerators, resolvers, counters and over speed switches for emergency brake applications.

DOLD (Germany)

Multifunctional and PCB type relays for railway applications.


Bauumer Raylı Sistem ABB Raylı Sistem DOLD Raylı Sistem ETRI Raylı Sistem ICAR Raylı Sistem SPOHN Raylı Sistem