Machine Safety

People get injured and sometimes lose their lives when machines are not designed properly. Production losses due to work accidents, loss of customers, administrative penalties, loss of reputation, etc. are undesirable situations among other consequences of accidents. In addition, machine malfunctions can negatively affect machine’s life cycle, and economic consequences can be catastrophic. We, as Protek Teknik, can offer the following products to our valued customers for your machine safety.

DOLD (Germany)

DOLD safety switching devices monitor various safety functions such as emergency stop, two-hand switching, safety mats, safety gates, light barriers and more. Speed ​​controller, soft start and soft braking modules for motors are included in DOLD portfolio. DOLD, who manufactures mechanical and electromechanical door lock systems under the name of SAFEMASTER STS, also has safety relays with self-produced wireless safety control (800m).

WERMA (Germany)

Ensuring machine safety is directly related to regular monitoring of machines. To that end, we offer solutions based on light and sound warning devices of our German origin WERMA brand. Signal towers, sirens, buzzers, traffic lights are included in WERMA’s product range. With its own production, WERMA WIN system offers comprehensive solutions on this subject with wireless machine monitoring and reporting systems.


Other essential component of machine and human safety is the mechanical safety switch. With our COMEPI brand, made in Italy, we can help you with limit switches with different latch structures, door lock systems (including RFID), magnetic switches, button groups and foot pedals solutions.

DUK (Germany)

In heavy industry, such as Concrete plants and thermal plants, machine safety has increased importance. In such industries, machines can work along extended lines. For these lines, German origin DUK manufacturer produces conveyor safety switches, pull cord switches and belt safety switches... etc. Such products are supported upon request with EX-proof ATEX certificate that is suitable for the industry.