Another business line in which our company is specialized is the control devices of the energy sector applications. Today, using Energy as a vital resource is our top priority. Controlling energy along with creating efficient operating and consumption conditions have become a necessity for all companies. Our company also supplies products for transformers, generators, low voltage panels, medium voltage circuit breakers and isolators, energy analyzers or power converter devices, systems that monitor current, voltage, power, power factor, active reactive energy consumption, and systems that contain reactive power control relays, protection relays. In addition, we offer solutions to renewable energy and electric vehicle systems that are operating very intensely in our country recently, both through direct supply and through our partners.

ABB (Switzerland), İnfineon (Germany), Vishay (Italy)

We are able to support you with ABB, Infineon and VISHAY brands for the power components in power transmission, distribution and control, which are the most important parts of energy systems. Our product portfolio covers a wide range of IGBT, GTO, Thyristor and Diode components, medium voltage modules and low voltage components.

ICAR (Italy)

ICAR is one of the leading manufacturers of low and medium voltage electrical capacitors and systems. It provide you with its services with 74 years of experience in power factor correction (PFC) and compensation applications in energy systems.

DOLD (Germany)

We are able to provide you with DOLD multifunctional relays that can be used for the PCB type relays that are available in safety relays and boards in control panels of energy systems.

ETRI / ECOFIT (France)

Another important part of energy systems is ventilation. ETRI / ECOFIT offers a wide range of fan technologies with different supply voltages to meet your energy management requirements. There are many equipments that require suitable ventilation for cooling in applications such as generators, electrical and electronic enclosures, converters, transformers, wind turbines.