Electric Vehicles

As a result of the decrease in fossil fuel reserves, instability in fossil fuel prices and increasing awareness about its negative environmental effects, vehicles with alternative fuel, and one of them are electric cars, have become the today’s main topic once again. In addition, the electric train projects and R&D studies are still on going. The use of the rapidly developing electric vehicle industry in our country is increasing day after day. We, as Protek Teknik, can offer the following products related to your electric vehicle applications.

DOLD (Germany)

For electric vehicle charging stations, it is mandatory to use isolation monitors according to IEC / EN 61851-23 standard. DOLD, the German origin well-known brand, manufactures products with various features for such applications. In addition, soft starters, current voltage power monitoring and alarming devices are also available in DOLD product portfolio.

Spohn & Burkhardt (Germany)

In the product portfolio of German joysticks and operator consoles manufacturer Spohn & Burckhardt, there are master controllers, foot pedals and operator consoles that can be designed according to your specifications. This manufacturer is also the supplier for world giant rail system vehicle manufacturers. In addition, we can provide you with rail system compliance certificates such as EN-50155 and EN-45545.

ABB (Switzerland)

We are able to support you with ABB power components for converters and air-conditioning circuits, which are the most important parts of the rail systems. Our product portfolio covers all kinds of power values of IGBT, GTO, Thyristor and Diode components.