Protek is Ready for the era of Industry 4.0

Protek is Ready for the era of Industry 4.0

As a term, Industry 4.0 means the fourth industrial revolution. It consists of a combination of important innovations in digital technology, biology and hardware automation. Industry 4.0 generally consists of 3 structures: Internet of Things, Internet of Services, Cyber-Physical Systems.

         Internet of Things: Every object you can think of is somehow accessing the internet and communicating with other devices.

·         Internet of Services: With this structure, cyber - physical systems can continuously establish service links with people and other structures.

·        Cyber ​​- Physical Systems: These are the systems that organize, plan, and develop production stages independently from people.

These structures play a major role in the creation of an intelligent factory system, and enable more efficient business models by enabling each data to be collected and well monitored and analyzed in production environments.