1 - Dold offers solutions for you ...

UG6946                  Standstill monitör sens ... More

2 - As Protek Family, we met with our customers by joining WIN EURASI 2019 this year as every year. Thank you to all our customers who visited our stand.

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3 - New general catalog...

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4 - DOLD new interface module HL 3094N

It is generally used in railway technology.


* Decoupling control ... More

5 - DOLD MINI START Smart motorstarter UG9256 For loads up to 750W.

... More

6 - New Product VARIMETER IMD isolation monitoring monitor for DC charging stations RN 5897/020

The isolation monitor of the VARIMETER IMD series is specially designed for use in DC charging st ... More

7 - BTR New product Leak and Level Monitoring Monitor MR-LD6

Monitoring water leaks in buildings and measuring occupancy levels.

- Intuitive transpo ... More

8 - Dold 20I8.0I offers solutions for you ...

UG9460 - UG9461 Analog and Digital input and output modules ...

... More

9 - Steel Spring PT Series Couplings For Encoders

PT series steel spring couplings are more durable and long lasting because of their flexible body ... More

10 - 101/5000 DOLD succeeded in taking 3rd place in the GIT security awards with the radio controlled security system UH 6900.

For detailed information about the product, please visit the following addresses.

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11 - DOLD POWERSWITCH 3-pole solid-state relay and contactor PI 9260

... More

12 - Dold Safety Technique Light Barrier Controller LG 5925/900

Light Barrier Controller - Relay LG 5925/900 SAFEMASTER

... More

13 - Icar Capacitor Stocks

Compensation Solutions Capacitor Stocks for Clean Energy

... More

14 - Baumer Opto Pulse EIL580 Economical, Robust, Incremental Encoders

Products with 8 mm slotted holes available in our stock can be modified and delivered according t ... More

15 - Protect Your Semiconductors With High Speed Eaton Bussmann Insulators

High-speed fuses are designed to reduce the arc voltage to a minimum. Unlike industrial insu ... More

16 - ProtekTeknik On ABB News

Protek Teknik, ABB's Semiconductor Turkey authorized , was also widely reported in ABB News, ... More

17 - DOLD Relay Turkey Official & General Distributor

Dear Business Partners,
As of 01.10.2017, we are pleased to inform you that we have undert ... More

18 - Beware of non-original ABB Thyristors!

In the market, fake thyristors bearing ABB brand and serial numbers have been identified. Please ... More

19 - Campaign on Icar Capacitors

Icar capacitors, which are the leading companies in the production of compensation capacitors, st ... More

20 - REM DEVICE T3 T5 T7 Wireless Crane Control Systems

REM Device T3 T5 The T7 series provides a quick and simple installation with the help of the Moni ... More

21 - Eaton Bussmann New Electric Vehicle Insurances

Power management giant Eaton, a high-capacity battery, power conversion equipment, contactors, ca ... More

22 - Our new catalog for 2017

Protek Teknik , our products are generally in stock, which meet customer needs and expectati ... More

23 - ICAR Capacitors Price List

Below you will find the product information and price list of the ICAR capacitors used for the co ... More


Eaton Bussmann specializes in general purpose US fuses, general purpose IEC fuses, semiconductor ... More

25 - ABB - 5SNG 0300Q170300 - Preliminary 62Pak phase leg IGBT Module

Ultra low-loss, rugged SPT++ chip-set Smooth switching SPT++ chip-set for good EMC Cu base-plate ... More